Open source contributors do more than they should. QGIS as a reference project to find sustainable ways to rock!

Régis Haubourg

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QGIS - like Geoserver, Mapserver and all the great OSGEO project - do no longer need to prove they can do the job.

We now have millions of users, with great expectations, growing budgets and growing communities. Still we lack funding for boring tasks : packaging, bugfixing, documentation, QA and marketing needs some love.

**What about changing minds and stop saying open source does not cost anything ?**
Could that solve this situation where countries having most users also have the less contributors ?
This talk will take profit of real life examples of big corporations that decided to pivot their approach from "using open source" to "embrace Opensource".

Let's get out of our technical comfort zone and expose ourselves to enlarge our contributors' base.

This is a **deeply optimistic** talk looking right into the eyes of what we need to improve, as an opensource ecosystem !