Complying with administrative data model requirements like INSPIRE, a Swiss perspective

Matthias Kuhn

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To be INSPIRE compliant is a requirement implied by the European Union. From an administrative view, the desire for standardized data for aggregation is very comprehensible. Producing and delivering data that complies with these requirements comes with a great set of challenges but is key to bring any such system to success.

In Switzerland the same requirements exist for standardization and aggregation. To reach this goal, a system with the name INTERLIS is developed for more than two decades already. During this time, a rich ecosystem has started to exist which builds bridges from a formal model all the way to the user interface with tools like ili2db and QGIS Model Baker.

All of this built with open source tools that are accessible for anyone. This talk will give an overview over a state of the art toolchain that helps data providers to produce high quality data which can keep up with national and international data requirements.