Create Web Application with Mapbender

Astrid Emde

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Mapbender is a content management system for geospatial data services and map applications. With Mapbender you can create applications without writing a single line of code. Mapbender is a flexible client for OGC services. Mapbender is based on Symfony, JQuery and OpenLayers.

Mapbender is based on the frameworks Symfony, JQuery and OpenLayers.

Mapbender has an administration web interface to do all the work or if you prefer YAML you can configure applications via YAML-file.

Mapbender helps you to set up a repository for your OWS Services and to create individual applications for different user needs. An application can provide search modules, digitizer functionality, print & more.

You have access control and can provide applications for defined users and groups.

This presentation will give an introduction on Mapbender and the possibilities.