The open geospatially anchored superverse ecosystem (Open AR Cloud)

Jan-Erik Vinje

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Augmented Reality when connected persistently to the physical world through 1:1 scale 3d real-time updated digital twins allows us to create a shared programmable space or superverse that lets us paint the world with data and let our digital lives escape from the small glowing rectangles into the real world around us and experience it together. This technology has been named AR-Cloud. In October 2018 the Open AR Cloud association (OARC) was formed to brings people together to build an open AR-cloud ecosystem that works for everyone, everywhere on every device and every platform while respecting the right to privacy, freedom, and safety of all the users. On the 12th of February 2019 12 working groups is being formed to solve some of the hardest problems in spatial computing.
The talk talks of the promise and peril of AR-cloud technology and OARC ongoing work to try and make this technology reach its potential to do good in the world. We think this is best done through open standards processes, open source, transparency and respect for the digital rights of individuals.