Introduction to MapStore, mashups made simple

Mauro Bartolomeoli

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MapStore is the Open Source product for creating, saving and sharing in a simple and intuitive way maps and mashups created selecting contents from public services like Google Maps and OpenStreetMap or other servers implementing OGC and ISO protocols. Thanks to MapStore the user can mix her own data with data available on the web to create comprehensive
maps and share them with anyone (also via social networks). MapStore2 is cross-browser, and mobile ready.

MapStore allows the user to:
* Manage maps (share, delete, search, create) and users through a front-end Manager.
* Create and navigate maps using a powerful and intuitive front end as map Viewer.
* Manage the embed-link, marker's injection, routes injection, time series Google Earth like, spatial queries and more.
* Interact with one or more Catalog Service for the Web (CSW).

You can also use MapStore as a framework to develop your custom WebGis application composing MapStore ReactJS components and components from other libraries (like React Bootstrap), choosing the best mapping library for your purposes.

The presentation will give the audience an extensive overview of the MapStore functionalities for the creation of mapping portals.