Open Source Business Models: making money & playing by the “rules”

Michael Terner

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The large number of sponsors, many of them very large companies, found at FOSS4G events indicates that there are significant commercial interests and opportunities associated with free and open source software (FOSS) technologies. This talk will describe several recurring patterns and business models for “monetizing” open source technologies, while also - and crucially - contributing back to FOSS communities. The talk will elaborate on the following three main models:

1. Providing value added services and support to open source projects
2. Leveraging/incorporating open source technologies to deliver products/SaaS
3. Open sourcing your commercial technology

The talk will also provide real world examples of each of these models from the perspective of a commercial business that is actively engaged in a variety of FOSS activities. The talk will also examine some new and emerging trends including open data being incorporated into commercial platforms.