Quality and Flow at Scale

David Johannes Christensen

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Most companies struggle with implementing DevOps culture, and end up with creating yet another silo and naming it DevOps instead, where all the brightest operations people with infrastructure skills go. But going from the obvious anti pattern, that a DevOps silo is, to something better is a journey and not something most organisations manage to do quickly if at all. I'd like to take you through the journey that Universal Robots has had, and explaining step by step what the challenges are, both technical and engineering related.

Furthermore I'd like to show a few examples of tooling in the robotic world, where cloud native and Kubernetes are not always available, as well as point to areas where robotics is "just software like the rest".

The talk deals with different archetypes and anti patterns of DevOps, and ends up with how to scale the DevOps setup, onboard management and give them their beloved governance in a way that a developer can stand it.