Criminally fast rust and breaking safety for fun and profit

Darach Ennis and Heinz Gies

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In this talk, we confess our rusty sins: memory
manipulation, unsafe code, lying to the borrow tracker,
lifetime crimes, and many more. Criminally fast rust is
possible, and we share what worked for us, what didn’t, and
why we broke the safe.

Over the past year we’ve been building Tremor - an event processing
system used at Wayfair to process billions of messages per minute
24x7x365. This is our first project as an organization and as
individuals with the Rust programming language.

We’ve learned a lot: to hate rust, to love it, to hate and love it
again; there are things we did badly, some we did terribly as we bent
to the borrow trackers demands, before bending the borrow tracker to
our needs.