Open-BCI DIY-Neuroscience Maker-Art Mind-Hacking

open source DIY brain-computer-interfaces | technology and applications crash-course | "BCI Mind-Hacking" intro

MeTaMiNd EvoLuTioN

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leading hackers and researchers
from the worldwide hackerspace,
universitiy, and DIY artist community,
explain current technological
possibilites in BCI,

and show ways
to use open source
hardware and software
for hackers, makers, artists,
personal development, citizen science,

providing a framework
for alternative culture and free expression
balancing the soon coming commercial expansion
in "Neurogaming", "Neuromarketing" and "eHealth"

talk will illustrate
the mutually beneficial relationship
between "hacking" and science,
with the example of hacking BCIs,

as well as an overview into the new field
of "BCI Mind-Hacking", such as exploiting
remote consumer Neuroheadsets,
and Data-Mining the human-brain
for sensitive data during casual use.