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Playlist "MRMCD 2023 - Wem gehört die Wirklichkeit?"

Reality for real? Problematic perspectives in a virtual world.


The question about what is real arouses great interest in different areas of knowledge, but what is actually reality?
This question lies at a level of philosophical abstraction that is difficult even for philosophers to resolve. Still, the fact that it belongs to the realm of philosophy does not mean that anyone can answer this question or even think about it; since every human being and therefore homo sapiens-sapiens has some inner Sapientia (wisdom).
With this intro, I would like to invite you to have a moment to ask yourself what is real and what is reality, and if you think that it depends on the perspective, how can you be sure that we are living in a real world, with real feelings, emotions, and experiences and have mutual conversations about reality and about who owns reality?