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Playlist "X Developers Conference 2021"

Enabling Level zero Sysman APIS for Tool developers to control the GPUs.

saikishore konda, Ravindra Babu Ganapathi,, Jitendra Sharma and T J Vivek Vilvaraj,

We talk about a new programming interface “Sysman” which is part of level zero library.
Sysman (System Resource Management) is used to monitor and control the power, frequency, temperature etc , of accelerator devices.
Sysman is an API that will,
• Enable HPC (High Performance Compute) GPU servers to optimize/track power, temperature ,utilization, memory bandwidth & scheduling of Intel discrete graphics cards for the kind of workloads that run in those environments.
• Provide system level monitoring of important telemetry like power, frequencies, temperature and updating the firmwares
• Be integrated as part of OneAPI Level0 with hooks into the Level Zero UMD driver.