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Playlist "WikidataCon 2019"

Wikibase inspiration panel

Jens Ohlig

Be inspired to run your own Wikibase instance and see what applications of the software behind Wikidata already exist in national libraries, GLAM, and digital humanities.
During this session, you will get an overview of various organizations using Wikibase (the software powering Wikidata) and an update on ongoing projects.
Panel speakers:

Anila Angjeli & Benjamin Bober (Assessing Wikibase as the core of the French National Entities file)
David Fichtmueller (Using Wikibase as a Platform to Develop a Semantic Biodiversity Standard)
fischerdata (Authority control meets Wikibase - The German National Library and Wikimedia Deutschland Quest)
battleofalma (Wikibase and building a community in Artists's Publishing)
Olaf Simons (Using a Wikibase platform outside the Wikidata environment - why it is cool and where things get difficult)