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Playlist "Sum of All video games − 2019 edition"

Sum of All video games − 2019 edition

Jean-Frédéric Berthelot, Tracy Hoffmann and Envel Le Hir

This Talk will give an overview of previous and ongoing work of the WkiProject Video games. We want to present some challenges which arise during the work with video game data (editions/versions, hardware, relation with other items, ...).
Video games do not stand alone as objects, they refer to several other cultural artifacts, actors and subjects. This leads to several (sometimes complex) relationships with other Wikidata items or with external identifiers.
Alignment activities (vocabularies, external identifiers) and potential pitfalls.
Share different perspectives on video game data.
Video games have become a subject of interest in research in recent years. Describe why the video game data is relevant for research projects and how it is actually used. What are the current approaches and limitations?
Since there are already big databases for video games, what can Wikidata offer?