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Playlist "WikidataCon 2019"

Data import process overview

Navino Evans, John Cummings, Sean McBirnie and Ana Brandusescu

In order to properly receive donations to Wikidata the new data must be imported in as controlled and systematic manner as possible. It is important to track imports and ensure that there is as little duplication of work as possible.
With these issues in mind, John Cummings and Navino Evans created the Wikidata Dataset Import pages and began using them for tracking their work importing data from UN agencies.
The goal of this is to not only to track current data imports, but also be a centralised location for documentation and discussions of mass data imports past, present and future.
In this session we will offer an overview of this system as it stands today, some of the imports that we have already done and the issues we face before the full potential can be realised.

What will attendees take away from this session?
Attendees will come away with a better understanding of the process of importing donated data to Wikidata, where to get started with their own data imports and ways in which they could help improve the process for others.