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Playlist "WikidataCon 2017"

Well structured political data for the whole world: impossible utopia, or Wikidata at its best?

Lucy Chambers and Tony Bowden

In July 2017, the EveryPolitician team set out to get consistent data for politicians for 30-40 countries (see So how did that go? We’ll talk you through the tactics we deployed — from running online “missions” to generating reports to highlight which data was missing. Not every approach was wildly successful, but some were far more successful than we had expected! We’ll share what we learned and showcase what can now be achieved with the political information in Wikidata — then discuss our ideas for the next steps. If you have plans to head up a drive to get data — of any kind — into Wikidata, we have pointers that should save you time and effort. And if you’re specifically interested in political data, there will also be much to interest you.