The ZAD 5 years after the 'victory', told by those who refused to bow to the state.

St-Imier 2023 and Workshops

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On 17th January 2018 the project to build an airport in Notre Dames des Landes was abandonned by the state, within days of this announcement,  the  unity of the movement against the airport and it's world was destroyed. Those who wanted a return to 'normality' ie. sign agreements with the state and legalise their individual projects, turned against the movement of occupation ie. squatters, anarchists who refused this compromise with the state. What followed was 3 months of betrayal, intimidation and political violence played out by authoritarian structures (CMDO, Appelist/Tiqqunist and their allies) from within the movement on anyone who refused to toe the line. Culminating in an eviction of those who refused to sign with the state, this is the story we would like to share, how anti-authoritarian struggles are recuperated by authoritarians who work with the state and do the work of the police. How to fight the state and weed out authoritarians from within our movements.