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State of the Map 2019

Playlist "Lightning Talks I"

Lightning Talks I

S M Sawan Shariar, OpenDEM, Seán Lynch and Janet Chapman

Lightning Talks

## Uses of native language in OSM
S M Sawan Shariar

Native Language uses in OSM is very important for any country specially in developing country.

## SolidaryCityMap

The aim of this project is to visualize places where you can participate in city life without papers and / or money.

## OpenLitterMap - Open Data on Plastic Pollution with Blockchain Rewards (Littercoin)
Seán Lynch

Open litter mapping is a new and largely unexplored field of Geographic Information Science. During this talk you will learn about OpenLitterMap, how to use it, get some ideas about making relationships between OSM and OLM data, and learn how the OLM data can be used to improve OSM.

## Map2endFGM
Janet Chapman

Mapping to fight Female Genital Mutilation in Tanzania by training first time rural women to map their communities and report gender based violence as part of WomenConnect