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Playlist "Rustfest 2018 Paris"

Building Reliable Infrastructure in Rust

Tyler Neely

Tyler Neely After years of getting whooped by bugs at scale at various North American infrastructure companies, Tyler moved to Berlin where he spends his days reading papers, finding bugs in complex systems, and building Sled - a modern embedded database for the Rust ecosystem. He believes on-call people should sleep as long as they want. The wild success of testing tools like Jepsen is a wake-up call that we’re approaching systems engineering from a fundamentally bug-prone perspective. Why don’t we find these devastating bugs on our laptops before opening pull requests? Rust’s compiler gives us wonderful guarantees about memory safety, but as soon as we open files or sockets, all hell seems to break loose. This talk will show you how to apply techniques from the distributed systems and database worlds in a way that maximizes the number of bugs found per cpu cycle, and reduce the amount of bias that we hardcode into our tests.