Repressions against anarchists in Belarus and movement in exile

Anarchist Black Cross Belarus, St-Imier 2023 and Workshops

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In 2020 belarusian society rose against the dictatorship of Alexander Lukashenko and his minions. For months people organized, demonstrated and fought for a just and free society. However, the state prevailed and started smashing the protest step by step. It’s been more than 2 years since the beginning of the uprising. Thousands ended up in prison for many years. Among them anarchists and antifascists who stood on the streets with the people. Despite already a long period of time that passed since the protests, the state terror continues, with more arrests on the regular basis for participation in the protests or continuing resistance against the regime.Anarchist Black Cross Belarus for 13 years organizes solidarity work with repressed anarchists and antifascists. This work requires a lot of resources and time. In the last years with support of comrades from all around the world we managed to continue working, however in recent months our funds were drained by constant court cases. We are now in debts and call for support to be able to continue our solidarity. At the fundraising events we will be talking about the protests, anarchists movement in Belarus and the stories of our comrades captured by the regime.Ways to donate to ABC-Belarus in case you won’t be able to join the event: by Anarchist Black Cross BelarusTime requirements: 90 minutesContact: