build ccc camp into a computer game mod and Rich Metson

Playlists: 'rc3' videos starting here / audio

We have started building the CCC Camp in unity as a game mod for a hacking game called OffGrid. We have build the rough camp site, milliways and most of geraffel and the c-base village. We would like to extend this to more if not all of the camp site and create a digital walkable memorial of the ccc camp 2019. We will be using the rc3 to work on this map mod. This workshop is for anyone who wants to come and learn how to mod 'Off Grid' - a hacking game about surveillance and data privacy - and make their own levels and hacks. Come and hack the game with us! An inside look at how Lua moddable videogame 'Off Grid', which is currently in development, can be used by modders and hackers to explore hacks and vunerable devices, and to open up hacker culture and infosec stories to future hackers, both young and old!

We'll be going over how to use our LevelKit to build levels and how to mod or create your own Lua scripts to make your own righteous hacks, devices with abhorrent vulnerabilities, or data types that will alter space-time. Come with a laptop and some unique hacking ideas and we will help you with the rest. No previous knowledge of Lua or game development required :D Your machine will need to be able to run Unity engine, ( - Windows is the most stable platform, there is a beta version of the Linux Unity editor available but it does have some issues (hence not RC yet) so worth bearing in mind. Before attending if you could download Unity version XXXX that would be great ( Also having Steam installed would be a boon, as this is the easiest way for us to distribute the tools. ( But if you aren’t keen on the platform we will be able to pass you the files directly, you will just have to download some files from the internet. :) Videogames have a culture of being a unique medium for exploring complex systems and ideas. 'Off Grid' is a third person stealth / hacking game which forgoes weapons for hacking tools and ingenuity, and it is completely moddable. The idea being that players, modders and hackers (many of whom caught the hacking bug by messing around with games in the first place) will be able to use the game to tell new and interesting stories about hacking and surveillance, create new hacking tools in the game, and who knows even drop a 0day or two for real... Expanding on a talk given at Electromagnetic Fields camp in the past, Rich will give a live demo and talk you through Off Grid, and show how the moddable API he and his co-devs have been developing means that players and modders can not only use Lua to build new levels but also their own hacks, hacking tools, data types and vulnerable IoT devices. Although the visualisation is an abstraction of hacking, all the underlying principles are made to reflect real live circumvention tech and hacking tools. will walk you through the ccc camp 2019 mod and explain how to design and add your village to it.