Adam Zaretzky

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Understand the difference between synthetic biology, standard code subroutines and embedding programs in gene drives as having a rather different relation to data processing: involving meat bodies as metabolizing, somewhat cognizant and irritated by being the factory.

Bioinformatics is the world map of the world of biodiversity.

The search engines, online data dumps and editing software is intended for data mining and industrial uses of life. But, with the advent of genetic engineering, the text file tailoring of life leads to an interface between the keyboard console and Print to Flesh tech. This lab is meant to help hackers know how to encode text to DNA and to realize that any text they write has some homology already sequenced and online in some living organism's genome. Hacking is queer automatically. I know that is only a sort of relief. But hacking genomes, hiding cyphers in chromosomes, phreaking genes into producing obscure secondary metabolites is flech hacking and your code reproduces independently. Lets see what poetry can teach about bioinformatics & Lets see if we can drop a trojan horse into the code/language of life.

Workshop im Hackteria Assembly am 30.12.2020. 14:00 CET