Human Rights in the Age of AI - Dystopia or shining future?

Johannes Walter

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With the dawn of ever smarter algorithms, the question arises how this technology affects our human rights. Why and how can AI harm human rights? Can it be used to protect human rights? What are the important players in the field doing to ensure "ethic" AI? Join our talk to find out!

How does AI threaten human rights today? How is it used in countries around the world to exacerbate the local human rights situation? The presentation will provide examples of how AI systems can fail - from fundamental flaws in how AI applications are trained to misperceived ideas about how to define an AI's objective function. But are the use of AI systems and a strong regard for human rights irreconcilable? Of course not! We'll also talk about the ingenious ways in which human rights advocates have leveraged the prowess of modern AI systems to protect our rights and to uncover human rights violations. Finally, we'll also cover cutting-edge ideas private and public agents, like Google, the EU or academic scholars, offer to ensure regulatory and human oversight in designing and deploying AI applications in the future. Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization that has been advocating human rights for almost 60 years. Today, Amnesty is working on how to defend our rights in the digital sphere and to increase public awareness for the dangers and the potentials of new technology.