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Playlist "Remote Chaos Experience"

Twilight - Broadcasting Ice Sculpture

Peggy Sylopp

Illuminated Ice blockes are melting.
The ice/light/sound installation is an ongoing project which started 2009.
In my talk I want to give an introduction to my motivation, the global ice melting.
The installation brings this abstract knowledge as a sensual experience to the people. The integration of sensors and electronics generates sound and data.

I will show visualizations and numbers of the impact of the climate change on the global ice amount.

The installation was shown in many collaborations, contexts, galleries, festivals, etc.

Since a few years I started to work with sensors to count the drops and create sound by sensors and electronics. I will give an overview about my experiences and future ideas.

I invite artists and data scientists to take part in further developments in sound, light, data and digital participation. Find source code, data and instructions on github.

To get an impression about the installation watch the videos below
After the talk will be live video streaming.