My Kamailio Config

Keith Whyte

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This talk should maybe be titled "How (NOT) to write a Kamailio Config" :-)

Some of us at Osmocom have had reason to use Kamailio in recent years, even if only as a basic endpoint for osmo-sip-connector to loop back to itself.

Kamailio is quite powerful, and it might be of interest to briefly go through the things I did with it, and also two other related FOSS projects: **SEMS** and **RTPENGINE**

* Routing DID
* Routing with Osmo dGSM
* Gateway to Jitsi Conferences
* Mangling Caller ID
* Failover routing (Terrestrial/vSAT switch)
* Codec Transcoding decisions (with multiple transcoding hosts and optional direct RTP without transcoding)

*All this can be learned by reading Kamailo docs, however, there's nothing like learning from real experience, right? (or sharing that experience, and examples)*