Introduction to XDP, eBPF and AF_XDP

Harald Welte (sysmocom)

Playlists: 'osmodevcon2024' videos starting here / audio

This talk provides a generic introduction to a set of modern Linux kernel technologies:

* [eBPF]( (extended Berkeley Packet Filter) is a kind of virtual machine that runs sandboxed programs inside the Linux kernel.
* [XDP]( (eXpress Data Path) is a framework for eBPF that enables high-performance programmable packet processing in the Linux kernel
* [AF_XDP]( is an *address family* that is optimized for high-performance packet processing. It allows in-kernel XDP eBPF programs to efficiently pass packets to userspace via memory-mapped ring buffers.

The talk will provide a high-level overview. It should provide some basics before the other/later talks on bpftrace and eUPF.