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Playlist "Yet Same Old Qstuff* (continued)"

Yet Same Old Qstuff* (continued)


The proposed talk/workshop is nothing more than a follow-up to the tradition of LAC2013@IEM-Graz, LAC2014@ZKM-Karlsruhe and LAC2015@JGU-Mainz, as an informal hands-on demonstration to the most relevant issues and not so obvious ones of the Qstuff* software collection. Main subject though shall be Qtractor [4], an audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer project which also marks its return to Berlin where it was first announced (cf. LAC2007@TU-Berlin). Developers and users are kindly invited to discuss, complain and more importantly, exchange thoughts about the present and future of all this Qstuff*. The Qstuff* are, in order of appearance: :[1] QjackCtl - A JACK Audio Connection Kit Qt GUI Interface :: :: :[2] Qsynth - A fluidsynth Qt GUI Interface :: :: :[3] Qsampler - A LinuxSampler Qt GUI Interface :: :: :: :[4] Qtractor - An audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer :: :: :[5] QXGEdit - A Qt XG Editor :: :: :[6] QmidiNet - A MIDI Network Gateway via UDP/IP Multicast :: :: :[7] QmidiCtl - A MIDI Remote Controller via UDP/IP Multicast :: :: :[8] synthv1 - an old-school polyphonic synthesizer :: :: :[9] samplv1 - an old-school polyphonic sampler :: :: :[10] drumkv1 - an old-school drum-kit sampler :: ::