Cyberonderzoeksraad: Computer says no, the law says yes

Brenno de Winter and jos

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More and more decisions are made or prepared automatically, with "computer says no" making it really harmful at crucial moments. For many people, it is then unclear whether you have rights and what those rights are. Yet there are steps you can take to successfully fend for yourself. This talk lays out some hacks and will be the presentation of the report 'Computer says no, but the law says yes'.

Good thoughts are frequently accompanied by procedures that are not always well thought out. The victims are often not the organizations, but the customers or citizens on the receiving end of the processes. Sometimes the consequences are severe, such as no longer being able to use your phone, blocking a bank account or credit card to actually closing a bank account.

In the presentation of the study "Computer says no, but the law says yes," we look at causes and possible solutions. Of course we lend a hand with advice for businesses, but we also look at legal frameworks that give the common man some guidance.