Hacking your Dreams

Walter Belgers

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You can hack all sorts of things. Software, hardware. But being a hacker, what makes more sense than to hack oneself? Hackers have been turning themselves into bionic man, but we can also just hack our brain, using just out brain. I am talking about lucid dreaming: dreaming while you are aware of doing so and able to shape your dream. This talk will discuss what we know so far about lucid dreams and how they relate to other special states of the mind. The main focus will be on how to hack your own mind to start experiencing lucid dreams, what you can do in them, and how they differ from real life.

What could be more fun than gaining control over your dreamworld? Go to sleep, and find yourself doing things that would be impossible in the real world. Flying? No problem! You can be superman and have it feel more real than reality. Now if that's not a fun hacking project..