Making the Leaks Flow on a Budget

theo and Lorax

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How to create and run your own secure leaking platform that actually works, communicate securely with sources and distribute large datasets on a fraction of the budget of WikiLeaks.

With the WikiLeaks organization in disarray due to the ongoing extradition hearing of Julian Assange, their website slowly falling apart due to lack of technical staff, their submission portal not functioning since the beginning of 2022, and in theme of the conference theme of "cheap alternatives," - this is a talk for those who care about the leaks continuing to flow and are interested in setting up and running their own secure leaking platform as an alternative to WikiLeaks that still works, on a fraction of their former (and current) budget, while learning from the various mistakes they made during their history.

I will go over setting up a Wiki instance on anonymous, censorship-resistant hosting, how to communicate with sources and handle data submissions securely, and how to distribute massive datasets using the BitTorrent protocol, all-using widely available open-source free software solutions.