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Public speaking with social anxiety

dysphoricUnicorn đŸȘż

Have you ever wanted to hold a talk but didn't because you're too anxious? Have you ever wondered why someone who has social anxiety would hold talks in public even though it's really stressful to them? If you answered yes to one (or both) of these questions, this talk is for you. đŸȘż

Hi, my name (or at least one of them) is dysphoricUnicorn and I have a diagnosed anxiety disorder (actually two to be completely honest).
At time of writing I also have 8 talks (+ one lightning talk that can't be found by entering my name in the search) published on

Shouldn't those facts about me clash?
Well, they do a bit but probably less so than you might think.
In this talk I want to share my experiences with public speaking and how it connects to my anxiety.
I will also speak about my past and where some of my anxiety comes from and how I am living with it.
In addition to that I hope that this talk and tips shared within will be helpful to other people who also suffer from anxiety but would like to do more public speaking.
This space can always use more diversity.