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Playlist "Automatically Assessing Security and Privacy Properties of Web Sites"

Automatically Assessing Security and Privacy Properties of Web Sites

Tobias Mueller and Pascal Wichmann

In this talk, we present PrivacyScore, a tool for making tracking behaviour of Web sites more transparent. With PrivacyScore, you can easily investigate Web sites for their usage of tracking or other privacy invading technologies. It also allows you to create benchmarks to find out what related Web sites have in common. We present details of the inner workings of the tool and how to perform basic analyses of Web sites and lists of related sites.

This session is for people who are interested in analysing the state of the current Web regarding tracking of its users. It will be interesting to technicians, policy makers, and users.

We want to discuss how we can make the tool more useful to users, Web site operators, and data protection agencies s.t. it will be the go-to-point for privacy issues on the Web. is a joint project by University of Bamberg, TU Darmstadt, and University of Hamburg.