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Playlist "Grazer Linuxtage 2023"

Better code through better releases

Lukas Resch

Your development process can limit your products quality. Goal setting doesn't work, plans become invalid way too fast and user requirements keep changing. How do we ensure we achieve the best quality in such an environment? How do we need to change processes? Which design choices can help us along the way?

Processes have a huge impact on the product. In software development bad practices in your release cycle can have a negative impact on your software quality as well as your engineers happiness. This talk points out bad practices in the release cycle and how they impact software quality and employee wellbeing.

Small changes to the process can improve the quality of your code and employee wellbeing at the same time. For the worst case we reduce the blast radius and make it easier to find and fix root causes..

Furthermore, design choices limit you in the processes you can implement. This talk will provide an overview of technical approaches and design choices to make your code more robust and thereby your releases safer.