Educate and collaborate with Collabora Online and Moodle

Michael Meeks

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What features can enhance education when using Moodle and Collabora Online? What interesting improvements have been added to Collabora Online recently, making the work easier and faster, and better looking?

**Collabora Online** is the open-source online office collaboration solution based on LibreOffice technology that makes the wide range of desktop office functions available online and across any platform. Collabora Online can be easily and straightforwardly integrated into file synchronization solutions, groupware applications and online learning platforms such as the popular Moodle.

The Collabora Online **Moodle plug-ins** offer educational institutions a wide range of collaboration possibilities while protecting the data and privacy of the users. In this presentation, we will share with you the latest developments around the Collabora Online and the Moodle plug-in and how it brings more possibilities into the classroom, into academic seminars or to homeschooling.

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