The year of Linux On Desktop^WMobile

How the quest for mainline Linux on mobile phones is faring


Playlists: 'froscon2023' videos starting here / audio

A look at the state of what we like to call "Linux on Mobile" (#LinuxMobile #MobileLinux #LinuxOnMobile et al). The talk will include a brief history, an overview of available hardware options, distributions and more !

In 2023 we are fortunate enough to have multiple options both in terms of software and hardware capable of running modern Linux based systems.

I will examine some of these options and perhaps guide you in answering for yourself the eternal question of "Is it daily driveable?"

I will share my experiences relying (where possible) on these sort of devices during the last three years. My phone(s) run(s) phosh on top of Debian based distributions, but most of my experiences should be somewhat transferable to different hardware or distributions.