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Playlist "FrOSCon 2021 Cloud-Edition"

Let's end this arms race

Hendrik Niefeld and Frederik Ring

Privacy on the internet is an arms race between legislators and web developers that we need to stop.

Hi there. We are Frederik and Hendrik. We're building a fair and open web analytics tool and want to share what we discovered along the way with the FROSCON audience.

Privacy on the Internet is more and more turning into an arms race between legislators and web developers. On the one hand, it takes far too long for legislators to transpose directives. On the other hand, the data industry uses an arsenal of dark patterns and technical stunts to creatively interpret or completely circumvent the applicable law.

Because regulation will always fail at the technical level, it is impossible to escape this vicious circle in this manner. A new approach is needed to solve this problem in a sustainable way and make the web a better place again. In our lecture we examine problematic procedures and techniques in detail and develop approaches to overcome them.