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Playlist "FrOSCon 2018"

Digital signature and encryption workflows with LibreOffice

Thorsten Behrens

Come to hear on what's possible today with LibreOffice and associated FLOSS, to map your paper-and-pencil based signing workflows into the digital domain.

This talk focuses on a number of recent feature additions to LibreOffice, that enable its use in fully-digitised workflows for reviewing, signing, and encryption of ODF and PDF documents. Starting off with an update to gpg4libre, which makes transparent use of already-present OpenPGP key material for signing and encrypting documents, we will then show a number of other helpful features, like using time stamping authorities, or facsimile 'signature' images tied to signature validity.

Taking it all together, with LibreOffice version 6.1, which should be available a bit before FrOSCon, we can showcase:
* signing and encrypting ODF documents with OpenPGP key material
* signing and encrypting ODF documents with X509 key material
* using TSAs to ascertain time of signature / time of generation
* interoperability with other Word processors wrt. signatures
* facsimile handwritten signature images, like for PDF signing

All of that spiced up with some anecdotes and war stories about
silly files and stubborn code, while navigating the landscapes of
standards & freedom.