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Playlist "Look! It's LibreOffice on KDE Plasma"

Look! It's LibreOffice on KDE Plasma

Katarina Bubli Behrens

This talk introduces a new LibreOffice Qt5/KDE5 frontend which not only comes with improved native look'n'feel, but also brings about much better integration with Plasma desktop environment.

For long time, LibreOffice has been integrated with KDE4 desktop environment to some extent, but this implementation has always been only a very thin layer around low-level X11/XLib functions. With the advent of KDE5 and Wayland, which are nowadays standard part of every Linux distribution, accessing X11 directly is no longer possible and porting the old code to Qt5/KDE5 was not really a viable way forward.

So we started over from scratch and took the path LibreOffice's Gtk3 plugin has trailblazed: for rendering, we used headless backend in combination with cairo. We enhanced it with Qt5 native widget styles, added native Qt5 menus, integrated Plasma 5 file picker, shook and stirred well.

Come and see what came out of that.