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Playlist "Electromagnetic Field 2022"

Using Arduinos to Resurrect an Airliner Wing

Chris Lynas

A section of an airliner wing, born in North Wales and brought up in Toulouse, France and operated in South America, now lives in the Aerospace Bristol museum.

This talk shows our experiences with building it into an interactive exhibit explaining how aircraft high lift devices work, and discusses what we've learned about using hobbyist electronics for an installation that has to run 24/7 for visitors. Using videos & photos of the exhibit we also go into an explanation of how the aerodynamics, structures, performance and systems topics make the wing what it is.

For over a century, Bristol has been at the forefront of aeronautical and space technology, breaking boundaries to create the fastest, the biggest and the highest. Aerospace Bristol entertains & informs visitors with stories of human endeavour, individual genius and ordinary people achieving extraordinary things.