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Playlist "Electromagnetic Field 2022"

An introduction to building your own digital audio effects

Cutlasses (Scott Pitkethly)

An introduction to getting started designing and building your own audio DSP processors for guitar pedals, eurorack modules and other similar style projects using modern microcontrollers.

Covering the very basics of digital audio, microcontrollers, audio codecs and PCB design, this talk will give a whistle stop tour of the process involved in making digital effects processors from conception to building a prototype. This talk will be aimed at those with little experience, but an interest in combining electronics and programming to process live audio in hardware.

I came from a programming background, and have no training in electronics. I want to show an audience what can be achieved with a little bit of knowledge and lots of enthusiasm. Encouraging borrowing from open source projects to identify common circuits and practises that can be stitched together to form a complete project.