The secret powers of podcasting

Tim Pritlove

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Podcasting has been a quiet revolution. Most people didn't get it at first and some are still surprised it's not going away. But podcasting has not only survived three global hype cycles it's also one of the most resilient and unique media forms on the Internet. So far, Podcasting has successfully resisted being sucked up by a single YouTube-style platform that looks helpful in the beginning but would set the rules of its community in the future.

Instead Podcasting is very much alive and has proven to be able to create new and serve to existing communities, communicate effectively to its audience and establish a following other media types haven't seen yet. Podcasts are sexy and you really want to know why.

This talk will explain in detail why podcasts matter, what makes podcasts magical when combined with community, why almost everybody should consider starting a podcast, which infrastructure on the net is actually useful, what kind of hardware is actually needed and what open source and free-ish tools exist to publish high quality audio content on the web today.