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Playlist "Electromagnetic Field 2018"

Falling Faster Straight Down, or How Taking 3D Printing to New Heights

Mike Curtis-Rouse

Falling generally is consider bad. It hurts at best, sometimes fatally. However some folks like to jump out of planes and actively seek to fall even faster. Earlier this year, CBBC wanted to accelerate a TV presenter to the speed of a diving peregrine for the series “Beyond Bionic”, this required extra speed and thus the “Jet Boot” project was born. This talk will cover the technologies we used to help Andy Torbert fall even faster, specifically the use of 3D printing to make the final system a reality, whilst covering some of the challenges of trying to attach jet engines to the human body, not setting anyone on fire, and the potential of jet packs, jet boots and other flying platforms for future transportation (sensible or otherwise!)