Never Mind the Molluscs: (Mis)Adventures in "Aggro-Rhythmic Composition"

Giles Greenway

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Hear vicious venomous molluscs and baroque bifurcation diagrams!

You could already buy knitted scarves of elementary cellular automata and simulated sea shells, now you can listen to what passes for tunes!

Fabienne Serriere's generative knitting patterns drew attention to Hans Meinhardt's book "The Algorithmic Beauty of Sea Shells", the code that came with it is being slowly resurrected. Abuse of inverse short-time Fourier transforms in Python turns shell patterns into sounds.

We'll also stop worrying and learn to love the digital by exploring reasonably analogue chaotic attractor sounds with a Raspberry Pi and some cheap digital to analogue converters. Somewhere between a talk and a performance, this follows on from appearances at EMF 2016 and SHA 2017 where noises were caused to happen on stage and some people clapped afterwards. (Well, it counts as a performance if New Order pressing "Start" on their sequencer counts as an encore.)