Open-Source Modular Tech Jewelry


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I've designed a series of PCB modules that can be wired in series to form wearable circuits: necklaces, bracelets, or even epaulets and other accessories.
Each small PCB has solderable pads for large SMD or through-hole components – including LEDs, resistors, coin battery holders, and so forth.
Each holds one component, except for a few which are decorative (such as LED diffusers), and I plan to expand with more.
The PCBs also include strain-relief features; they are connected with wires to form "ropes" of circuitry, supported by a braided hemp sheath.

The project expands on a current trend in approachable tech: enabling people to build circuits with crafts such as stickers (Chibitronics), painting (Bare Conductive), and Lego (Crazy Circuits / Leguino). I want to do the same with jewelry-making.

I'll have some prototypes and demos, and I'd like to talk about how to use them, how they help me visualize the flow of electricity, and how to contribute. I'll also bring a few kits to give out!