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The Story of Elmer McCurdy

Kate Bolin

In 1976, in an amusement park in Southern California, the crew of The Six Million Dollar Man were setting up a scene in a fun house. They moved a waxwork dummy, accidentally broke off its arm, and discovered that rather than being made of wax, it was made of a real dead guy.

With a bit of investigation, the coroner discovered it was Elmer McCurdy, a failed bank robber who died in 1911. Between his death and his discovery, he visited sideshows, hung out at Niagra Falls, rode on rollerskates, became a drug addict, and inspired the look of Skeletor from the He-Man cartoons and toys.

We'll get into Elmer's actual life, his adventures after his death, and where he's residing now. FUN TIMES HAD BY ALL