Osmocom - Open Source Mobile Communications

Harald Welte

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During the last 8 years, many Free Software implementations of mobile communications protocol stacks and network elements have been developed within the Osmocom.org community: This includes Cellular systems from GSM via GPRS to UMTS, just like Professional Mobile radio like TETRA or even satellite interception of Thuraya/GMR. Osmocom is also the home of the rtl-sdr project, paving the way to ultra low cost entry-level SDR exploration by anyone.

This talk is an introduction into the various activities within the Osmocom project, its history, and the capabilities you currently have by using Osmocom software, including security analysis of cellular networks and handsets, the ability to run your own private telecom networks, and much more.

(45 minutes of talk is sufficient, but that excludes Q+A, so ideally the total slot should be about 60 minutes)