Flightgear: The world of open source flight simulation


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Flightgear is an open source flight simulator, We take a look at it, how to get started flying and how to hack on it.

Since the release of the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, flight simulation has become a more mainstream genre.
What flies past many is the existence of an open source flight simulator with a long standing history and way more flexibility in many regards.

We take you on a flight through the world of Flightgear...
In the first part we will take a look at the history, where the project is headed in the future and how you can make the first steps in the simulator, helping you get in the air.

Now that we have an overview what flightgear is, we go on to the second part where we take a look how to interface the flight sim with your own hacked hardware and other systems.
We will show you for example our first PCB design we're working on right now which will be a control interface for the simulator as well as similar projects from the community.