Presentation on Iran´s Situation

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History of the struggles for freedom among people, who live within political borders of Iran.

With the beginning of Jina’s movement, all eyes turned into Iran. A country notorious for its human right violation and imposed restrictions on women’s life, suddenly made headlines due to an uprising mainly led by women and youth and people within different nations and ethnic groups in Iran.

Events that followed after Jina’s state murder, shattered all the existing dominant narratives about Iran, exposing the reality behind the curtain of what seemed to be a culturally and politically homogeneous society.

In this presentation Shaghayegh is telling tell us, bits and pieces from now and then, from here and there, about the history of resistance and struggles for freedom among the people, who live within political borders of Iran, about constant presence, efforts and attempts of counter revolutionary forces to keep and maintain the foundations and structure of power, with understanding Iran's role, ties, and geopolitical impact on the region, as much as time allows.