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Playlist "Netzpolitischer Abend"

Netzpolitischer Abend zu «Künstliche Intelligenz: Hoffnung oder Hype?»

Maria Grazia Giuffreda

ChatGPT’s consumer introduction has forced Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the media, academic, and regulatory spotlight. Self-proclaimed security experts warn of an apocalypse, privacy activists label it as marketing hype, and investors are rubbing their hands together. What is so intriguing about AI? How does it work? What are its potentials and limitations? What role should Switzerland embrace as the world begins to govern AI?

With Dr. Maria Grazia Guiffreda (Associate Director of the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre, CSCS), Roberta Fischli (University of St. Gallen, Digitale Gesellschaft) and Daniel Donatsch (Digitale Gesellschaft) we delve into these questions.