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DG92: Open Source Housing?

Mary Dellenbaugh-Losse & Jens Meisner

Privatization, gentrification and displacement have become common urban topics – affordable housing is an increasingly scarce resource. A large number of experts from different fields are working on this topic – today, we’d like to present an intersection between urban planning, architecture, open source software and 3-D printing which seems to present an alternative to the standard privatized housing market. Mary Dellenbaugh-Losse is a landscape architect and urban geographer working on affordable housing and urban commons. She will present the dilemma of affordable housing in growing urban centers, and discuss new housing typologies and organization structures (tiny houses, commons, cooperatives) which present alternatives to the standard housing market. Jens Meisner is an artist concentrating on 3-D printing. He will present a variety of examples of 3-D printed houses/housing concepts which are currently being developed. His portion of the talk will cover a variety of topics, including: Introduction to subtractive and additive manufacturing wikiHouse – An open-source modular house concept Examples of house printing projects Building materials/filaments Pros and Cons of new manufacturing methods Library of Things – A database of open-source design.