FFO - Fracking Fiber Optics

Thomas Weible

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LC plugs are not the only ones now that we have QSFP+. Should you use MPO or MTP. What about ST, LC, SC, E2000 or the new LC Uniboot plugs ? What are the compromises and benefits of each solution. Did you know that polarity in optical MPO matters ? And why can the polish of a plug cause headache during on-site installation. Thomas will give an overview of the connectors and fibre options in the datacentre now we have 40G und 100G as a standard. Especially for these parallel transmission applications you should consider to rethink your wiring if you don't want to get stuck in troubleshooting your links. Finally some practical examples of broken optical components after and during field installation ­ real cases which happen every day even in 2015 were fiber optic is commodity. And one more thing!